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Do you have some old video games you’d like to donate to a good cause? Would you like a tax write-off?

Please print this PDF form –> mediatech-game-donation-form

Video Game Donation Worksheet

Do you have some old video games you’d like to donate to a good cause?

Mediatech is a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 Foundation that gladly accepts donations of your used video games for cataloging and circulating to the community. Making a donation is easy, and it can be declared for tax purposes. Please follow these five steps.

STEP 1: Is your donation circulation friendly?

  • We only circulate EC (Early Childhood), E (Everyone), E10+ and T (Teen) rated titles. We do not accept M (Mature) or AO (Adults Only) content.
  • Easy to plug and play. There must be no special registration codes, passwords or specialized hardware needed to make it work.  We do not accept Macintosh or Windows software that requires an installation.
  • Donations must be in working condition. Please check for scratches or damage before donating.
  • Acceptance of your donation does not mean it will be circulated.
  • No personal information. Make sure all personal information is erased from game cartridges.
  • Include instructions, users manuals and packaging if possible.

STEP 2: Do you want acknowledgment? Please choose one option:
__ I would like my child’s name, my family name or an organization name on the packaging (recommended). We will put a “donated by” sticker on each title.   Message:_____________________________________________
__I want this donation to be anonymous.

STEP 3: Do you want a tax deduction? We will provide a receipt that includes a listing of titles donated. We do not determine the monetary value of the donation. This is between you and the IRS. However, it is generally possible to justify the fair market value of your donation by visiting your local game reseller. As a rule of thumb, calculate about $5 per title value.
(please use the reverse side for more titles)

STEP 4: Required only if you want a receipt. Provide your name and address (we do not release or distribute this information).

Name (first and last) ____________________________________
Address ____________________________________
City/State/Zip ____________________________________
eMail Address ____________________________________

STEP 5: Package your games together and mail them to Mediatech, 118 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Flemington, NJ 08822.
You can also drop them off at Mediatech, the front desk of the library, or (as a last resort) drop them in the book return box. Please make sure you include this form with your donation.


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