Start Your Own Serious Games Testers Club (SGTC)

Imagine a weekly book club for games, where kids can test new title, critique it, make video reviews?

It’s not so hard to do.

  • Use a simple buy it, borrow it, bag it rating system
  • Get kids busy right away
  • Keep it social, make sure younger children get to play with older children
  • Involve parents; let them play along, and let children teach the parents
  • Let older kids plan which games to demonstrate


  • A visit with a game designer or programmer (see the video below). Obviously it isn’t always possible to get a game producer from EA to come to your Mediatech. But chances are, you can find a programmer or web design expert to come in and give a presentation about how to design or program games
  • Critique the same game on different platforms to see if there are differences
  • Talk about gender and ethnic bias in games
  • Talk about commercial agendas. Point out embedded ads, and ask children to try to find the next one
  • Have a tournament, invite the local newspaper
  • Let kids make and edit videos of the reviews (have parents sign permission slips, and review the
  • content before it is posted!)
  • Let kids show and tell new iPhone apps, online game news and so on
  • Invite parents to participate or sit in
  • Pair novice with experience children, to build self esteem
  • Listen, coach, and let the games serve as the teachable moments.

Sim Animals at SGTC

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